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May: done and dusted

So, May was a whopper and a very enjoyable one at that. So enjoyable that I’m still trying to recover and I’m actually NOT planning anything big for June. Here’s an update of what I did this past month:

ADHASA conference and flight details to be worked out. Looks like I’m actually going to make it to Jhb this time. Hold thumbs! DONE AND DUSTED. I LOVED it!

Sort Unisa admin. Done.

Speech Therapy Craft. Eish. No.  I’ve changed my mind about this one.

1 times friend date. I was going to do 2 but am afraid I might not be able to fit another one in. I ended up having 4! None of them were planned. And I enjoyed EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM! The 4 that I refer to EXCLUDES the JHB trip.

1 times date with DH. We ended up doing 2 and they were both spur of the moment dates. So much fun!

2 times at home dates with DHYes!

2 times kid outings including one hike. We did one outing to the Science Centre. And a walk through Constantia.

Get back on the Weigh Less ball. Did I mention that I signed up and never went back? Not yet.

Twice a week zumba and once a week yoga. Not Yet. I ended up doing Pilates every week except for the weekend I spent in JHB so I am at least doing SOMETHING.

Find a decent exercise programme for both kids and make the necessary arrangements with caregivers/grandparents to get them there. I have found something that will perfectly suit each of them.  Transport arrangements have been made with caregivers, however, I have too many things coming up which I’m going to be needing my money for so this will have to start on 01 August 2012.

I’ve also decided that I will be tackling some things on this list. Two of those items are currently a work in progress. I’m going to tackle two more. I fixed up my Pinterest  (I added more boards and deleted close to 300 pins – must blog about this) AND I decluttered my FB – unliked over 200 pages.  Both of these were VERY time-consuming exercises. I’m still not 100% happy with my Pinterest and will be tweaking it some more in the weeks to come.  

May shall also be the month of  organising:

There is currently a HUGE clothing (for ALL the parties in the home) and bedding declutter happening which should be finished by tomorrow evening. DONE.

There shall be computer/file organising. Started. So far I’ve deleted A LOT of stuff. Including music and movies.  Just need to move some stuff to the external.

There shall also be a CD/DVD declutter and organising session. DONE.

Knit two beanies – one for each kid. I am nearly half-way through the one which could have been finished already. I keep pulling it out and starting again because it looks nothing like the pattern. And I got VERY distracted by the loom.

Read 2 books including 1 NF.  Done.

I’m actually rather OK with how things went in May however, I didn’t get enough sleep for most of the month and I REALLY felt it. So the plan for June is to take it EASY because I DO need to get 8 hours of sleep in order to feel even remotely normal. This is what I have planned.

  • Knit. I have 3 scarves to get through (all gifts), two beanies (actually 3 if I’m going to make one for myself)  as well as one set of fingerless gloves. These are small, quick items. I CAN and WILL finish them.
  • Get things organised for July holiday.
  • 2 Friend dates.
  • 2 outings with kids including one hike.
  • Get photo shoot over and done with.
  • 1 times going out date with DH.
  • 2 times at home dates with DH.
  • Some form of exercise – I think I may continue with the Pilates.
  • Guitar  lessons – every week.
  • Do a bathroom cupboard declutter and at least ONE kitchen cupboard declutter (that Tupperware cupboard is driving me NUTS – I’ll be dumping A LOT of lunchboxes without lids).
  • Read 1 times NF and 2 other books.
  • Organise a station for all recycling.
  • Send off 3 packages.
  • Do one more thing off this list.

What are you looking forward to this month?