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A bit of this, a bit of that…

Well, hello there.

I had a busy day today. SARS, OT, dentist and one or two other errands. Our Cape Town weather is confusing and we are literally experiencing four seasons in one day. I’m not exactly envious of the JHB weather at the moment so it’s fine. Anyway. Some random updates.

  • My life at SARS is mostly sorted. I spent nearly two hours there this morning and it turns out that they actually owe ME money, not the other way around. I have to take some more documents to them to finalise but I am rather chuffed that I will be able to buy a washing machine soon. Isn’t that just fabulous?
  • After SARS, I went for breakfast at the Food Lovers Market which was OK. Rather noisy but I did enjoy eating by myself and reading my paper. When last did you eat out alone?
  • I had planned to go and browse in a bookshop but decided to do some errands instead. After this I went for a lunch time appointment with the OT to talk about her findings of the assessment that she had with Child2 last week. She served up a main meal of SID/SPD along with a side salad of other developmental issues related to Vestibular and Proprioception or something like that. Am waiting for a report so I can explain it better to my DH who can never seem to get off work to for these things. I felt OK but typing that up but seeing now makes me feel a bit flat. OR something. I will blog about it once I feel ready to share some more.
  • I also ran into the dentists rooms for a prescription for AB’s because I can feel my abscess flaring up. I really need to get those wisdom teeth removed. Was going to postpone it to next year but I suspect I may have to do it a lot sooner. How much time would I realistically need to take off work to recover from this?
  • I had planned to have a solo movie experience but then I no longer felt like it. So I came home and wrote in my journal. I’m doing a journaling challenge from this blog. Instead of journaling in the comments section like I am supposed to be doing,I am doing it the old fashion way where you actually write in a blank book. I’m finding it to be quite therapeutic. When last did you write manual entries in a journal? (and I’m not talking about a blog post)
  • I am LOVING the “SICK SICK SICK song from local artist Chiano Sky at the moment.  I just think that it has the sexiest sound to it. If you click that link you can play the song – am too lazy to figure out how to upload a YouTube clip. What is your current favourite song? 
  • Anyway, am off to bed now to get in some reading. How was your Thursday?

November goals – week 2

Time for an update of week 1! 

Price new washing machine.Done. I am panicking because I have no money for this.

Personal admin including budgeting, SARS & some banking stuffHave done admin, budgeting and banking stuff. Didn’t make it to SARS.

Finalise Christmas card list. Done

Book hair appointment. Done.

Sort some stuff for a friend who is getting married (there are 3 parts to this task).Done, done and done.

Start reading 365 nights book. Not done. I read something else instead.

Start knitting blocks. Not done.

Finish lining bag – any ideas on how to do this?. Not done. Have decided to outsource this to someone who has a sewing machine.

Email woman from scrap-a-doodles. Done.

Appointment with Teacher – child 1.Done.

Appointment with Teacher – child 2.Done

Set up evening tidy up roster and study roster for child 1.Done

OT appointment – Child 2. Postponed.

Attempt to MAKE CHRISTMAS CARDS! I started this and left it. Will blog.

Saturday guitar lesson. Decided not to go as I was taking strain.


I did have an impromptu walk (Muizenberg to Kalk Bay) followed by a dinner date, followed by watching fireworks on the beach with my DH on Saturday night which messed a bit with my plans but, I am living in the moment and it was ALL GOOD! Had lots of fun.

I think I did well enough, though I do see now that I overdid it with what I was expecting for myself.

So for Week 2: 

This week I am getting a day off. This is what I plan to do on that day off:

Breakfast by myself

OT follow-up.


Movie by myself. Any suggestions?

These things need to happen as well but NOT on my off day:

Start new book – Mmmm….maybe I will wait for off day for this too. Could work when I’m sitting in the SARS queue.

Start knitting blocks – This will happen tomorrow – we have officially started a knitting/crochet group at work and will be meeting on Tuesdays starting tomorrow.

Do some more research on making Christmas cards. I started and they flopped. Obviously I am WAY TOO AMBITIOUS!

Re-attempt Christmas cards

Go to my friend who is getting married and give an update of stuff that I needed to sort for the wedding – I’m thinking Saturday evening.

Guitar lesson on Saturday afternoon.

There are a few more things but I feel comfortable to leave them for next week.

How are your November goals coming along?