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Miss Craftalot says Hi

My crafting this month has been all about practicing Christmas gifts that I’m may be making. There were a number of failed experiments (perhaps I should do one post dedicated to dud projects – though I never take pics of those – in future I will) but I’m OK with how these turned out.

Project 1:

I saw some mosaic starter kits in the craft shop and they all ranged from R25 to R35. I was looking for one with a square base (I’m all about the straight lines) but they were out of stock so I bought one that contained a heart base and another one with a cross base. I thought the starter kits were really good value for money – they contained a latex glove and the glue and the grout as well as a little gadget with which to spread the grout.

I’m relatively happy (for my first attempt) at how they came out. I guess this is something that I need to practice some more. Need to get those gaps smaller I think and the edges a bit tidier?  I was considering buying a few small mirrors or picture frames so I can mosaic the border and give these as gifts to the women in my life. I can see how this can become addictive but I did find it rather time-consuming and I could not get those gaps any smaller no matter what I did. Maybe because it was the first time that I’d done this? The jury is out on this one and I will think some more about whether I’m going to go ahead and do this again.

Mosaic 1


Project 2:

Last month I bought half a meter of the cheapest fabric at the knitting shop. I was in there to buy wool and bamboo needles (as usual) and bought the fabric with the intention of using it to cover a notebook. Last week (on Tuesday I think) I attempted to cover the book. It didn’t work out so well. The fabric was too thin and the glue was rather obvious underneath it.

In my head I was already planning to camouflage it with some of that felt material that I have. Btw…have I mentioned that working with felt is my new favourite thing?  Anyway, on Wednesday evening I was fighting with my DH and went to bed in a huff. After about an hour he woke me up with a surprise. A PERFECTLY covered notebook with FELT material! He even added a bookmark for me!

Felt notebook1

Don’t you think that he is just so clever?

Anyway. After I saw this, MY BRAIN WORKED OVERTIME and on Thursday I went back to my knitting shop during lunch time (I’m thinking that this is my next favourite happy place after the beach) to get more Felt so I could do these:


I just LOVE these, firstly because they are easy and don’t take long to complete, secondly because they are very cheap to make (those little hardcover books that I used here cost me R7.99 at PnP – if I make them as gifts I’ll get an unlined hardcover notebook), and thirdly because this could actually appeal to ANY person, regardless of their age. It could work for Teens and Tweens and little kids AND adults. I’m currently practicing some embroidery because I’m even considering  adding initials or something similar.

Project 3:

I went to the PO to fetch my package from Marcia that contained Washi Tape and I am SOLD on the stuff. Seriously. I have all these ideas in my head about how I can use it.

I made some fridge magnets using clothes pegs and WASHI TAPE. I had previously bookmarked this craft (have tried to pin it but it doesn’t work) and it was inspired by this post.

I could not find those magnets that they refer to in that post so I took one of those magnetic book marks that they sell at the Crazy Stores and trimmed the edges so I could glue them onto my pegs.

See the completed fridge magnet.

washi tape fridge magnets

This was an easy peasy craft which took all of 7 minutes to complete. WILL make more of these.

Am linking this post to Marcia for her October crafts linky. If you have recently made something (ANYTHING) please link up there too?