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August goals


Movie date with L this weekend.

M’s birthday lunch on Sunday. Complete her gift. – decide on something to knit tonight

TBT opening on 14/08

Tween B-Day on 13/08 (finalise party arrangements by Friday)

Jewish museum with Tween 20/08

Breakfast date with N on 27/08


Health and Fitness:

Go back to WL to see where we are at.

Run 4 times/week

Register for Gun Run

Run 2 races – Women’s Day Challenge on 09/08 and another one on 21/08. Shave off 2 minutes from previous time.


Sort and then file/toss ALL paper which has piled up all around the house.


Banking changeover


Work through summer clothing and see what can still be worn.

Work through all books and toy boxes. AGAIN! Eish.

Go buy a potty this weekend. Some people are apparently fully potty trained at school and insist on nappies at home because there is only a toilet and not a potty.


Read 2 books

Finalise Christmas gift list.

Book for Love Languages talk in September – to be done by the end of the week.

WordPress – is it just me or is WordPress rather unfriendly to non-techie types?

Sort out LinkedIn profile once and for all.

Make some jewellery with SIL – evening of 20/08.

Make a list of your goals for the month of August (big or small) and link up here for some accountability. No pressure!

Onwards and upwards.