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This and that on a Thursday

1.  I am battling at work due to environmental factors beyond my control. Our building is being renovated and the fumes are coming into my office causing me to get headaches, a tight chest and I also can’t stop coughing.

Our boss organised a humidifier for us which helps a bit but it’s making me fall asleep! Also, I work in an open plan environment and our desks have dividers between them. Our NBL has ordered “different”  and apparently prettier dividers and has in the meantime removed the current dividers.  This is just horrible, horrible, horrible.

I feel so very exposed. Everyone can see on everyone’s computer screens, I can’t have a conversation with my DH or anyone because everyone can hear everything and I am just constantly feeling conscious. I can’t read blogs or even do my banking!  Those dividers used to muffle sound so I never quite felt like I was being eavesdropped on. Right now I am just not managing.

2.  I have found a buyer for my car. Or rather, a cash buyer found me. He has paid me a deposit to secure the vehicle and we even went to my attorney friend to draft an agreement.

In order for us to proceed with the transaction, I need paperwork from the bank which I’ve requested. It usually takes about 48 hours for a person to obtain said paperwork. However. There was FIRE at the bank and guess what was destroyed??? My original vehicle papers!!!

Ugh. Apparently they must now be requested from Pretoria which makes me nervous because I know that the bureaucracy there is something else.  I thought that I was doing a good thing by selling my vehicle privately but in future I will rather work through a dealer, even though I will get less money out of it.  Do any of you have connections at the red bank? I need a very clever, resourceful person who will walk this road with me.

3.I am giving boot camp a miss for now. I have just signed up for a twice a week zumba class which I’m quite looking forward to AND a bikram yoga class. Am very excited!

4.Child2 has a new habit of introducing me to everyone. This week I met Aidan, Licola (I think she’s actually a Nicola), Sakumani, Abigail and Jenna. I MUST shake hands with them and say “nice to meet you so-and-so……” or else he gets cross. Last night he even introduced me to my DH. He said: “Julia, this is Daddy”. And so I had to shake hands with my DH and say: “nice to meet you Daddy”. I think it’s too cute!

5.I started knitting this past weekend again for the first time in yonks! Am not sure what it is that I’m knitting but so far it’s a square/rectangle done in reverse stocking stitch. Will see where it takes me.

6. I haven’t read anything in Afrikaans since I was in Matric 15 years ago. Many people have recommended Deon Meyer to me and I can’t decide whether to get the English or Afrikaans versions. What would you recommend? Are his books very Higher Grade Afrikaans?  Will things get lost in translation for me? Should I rather try them in English and get an easier Afrikaans book from say…Marita Van Der Vyver? What would you do?

7.The past two weeks have been a bit hectic and I have been completely frazzled. This weekend I’m looking forward to sleeping in and doing nothing. I have not planned anything and will just see where the wind blows me. I find that those weekends where you plan nothing end up being the weekends where you have the most spontaneous fun. Am rather looking forward to it.

What do you have planned for the long weekend?