STOP saying yes if you mean NO.

STOP taking everything so personally.

STOP beating yourself up about things that you have NO control over.

STOP trying to justify other people’s poor behaviour. Sometimes they just happen to have BAD manners.

STOP taking things for granted.

STOP being lazy and go and exercise.

STOP wondering WHAT IF?

STOP comparing yourself to others.

STOP with all that comfort eating. You are getting FATTER!


What’s on your STOP list?

6 thoughts on “STOP

  1. I am with Cat…I am also burning the candle on both ends at the moment. I just want to stop and chill.

  2. Hmmmmm. Mine goes something like this:

    STOP procrastinating
    STOP eating all that crap
    STOP being bitchy to your man
    STOP allowing old hurts to bite you in the ass
    STOP take a deep breath

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