Things to do in April

So I haven’t done a post like this in a while because the nature of my goals were private. I wasn’t going to do cryptic and so I elected NOT to post them.  This month, I’ll give it a bash again. Besides the winter months, the month of April is my FAVOURITE. All those holidays just COMPLETELY do it for me.

So here we go:

Do my homework on new car/bike costs.

Read 4 books including a nf – there are a few public holidays coming up and so I should be able to pull this off. 

Send off a VERY OVERDUE package.

Knit ONE mug-hug.

Attempt a hike with the kids –  Cape Town people, any ideas for something easy and not too far out? 

Make something that I  saw in the ST’s rooms. I don’t know how to describe what it is that I’m going to make. I will blog it. 

Pay someone to redo my CV.

 2 going out dates with my DH.

2 at home dates with my DH.

One times solo date with MYSELF – am planning la movie, lunch  and a bookshop browse.  

Breakfast with friend Y.

Dinner with Friend O and her man.

An outing to the Biscuit Mill with friend E.

What are you looking forward to this month?

9 thoughts on “Things to do in April

  1. I’m looking forward to getting all the visa stuff sorted…. and booking things. And of course, all the HOLIDAYS! I swear I haven’t looked forward to a weekend as much as this one for a long long time!

    Your goals look like lots of fun, productive type ones. And one day, you and I need to go to the Biscuit Mill (it is EXACTLY my sort of place – I was in heaven there the last time – food, cute things, lots of opportunities for photos :))

    This weekend I intend to read a book, finish my first canvas craft and blog a lot on the kids’ blog.

    1. Have been reading all morning and will finish my “painting” now. I paint and Lance “edits” it for me.

      Thank goodness for that. Else it will look like Joel’s drawings! The other day at Hyper I saw canvasses with a picture outline on it. You basically colour in the picture with paint and then you have your artwork. Am soooo going to buy one for myself. Let me know if you want one.


  2. LOL! I haven’t been around much, life got in the way. April….well we will be heading down to Plett for a week of rest YAY! Other than that my goal is to survive this month with a new baby in the house and turmoil at work.

  3. April is setting up to be a very hectic month at work. This time around I plan to take better care of myself and look forward to eating better and swimming in the evenings so that I can feel better. Also, it’s my 25 year reunion at the end of the month and I’m giddy with excitement – not only for seeing everybody again, but for the road trip north.

  4. Hey! there are some fabulous little walks/hikes in Silvermine. One of our favs is the Waterfall Hike, very easy short hike and then you picnic at the waterfall (coffee/hot choc and rusks in this weather!!). We could do it together one sunnier weekend if you like? :-)

  5. April…wonderful April…the good thing about April is that there are two long weekends…yippeee.
    I did my homework on the bike/car story…and we landed up selling my car and getting me a scooter…take some getting used to but on a month to month I say close to R 1000.00 on petrol / insurance.(and the scooter makes me feel young again…hitting 40 syndrome).
    Heres to April and completing all lists to do..

  6. When I’m in Cape Town again I really need to make a stop at the Biscuit Mill. I’ve heard how awesome it is!

    This month I’m looking forward to Lusitoland (Portuguese festival), picnic in the sky (a picnic on top of Carlton Centre) with friends and a night away with my husband :)

  7. Buscuit Mill (sounds yum, if it is really about biscuits)

    April: looking forward to see a friend I last saw in 2005. She’s visiting Africa for the first time……
    I was also looking forward to the long weekend (EASTER), which is behind us now. Taking loads of pictures on my hubby’s new phone and yes one more thing finishing at least 3 of the 5 books I have started reading ;-0

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