Ten on Tuesday

1. I went back to WL on Saturday to face the scale for the first time in nearly 9 months. I am NOT proud of this but that nasty scale told me that I had gained back quite a bit of the weight that I lost last year.  This annoys me tremendously and I just keep thinking of the money I wasted. I am so going to buy my own scale and I’m not going to care about getting obsessed with the numbers. Fact is, those numbers need to come down. Onwards and upwards.

2. I met a friend in the computer on Saturday and I had such a divine time with her and her family. She is beautiful and as fun and unassuming and down-to-earth in real life – just like on her blog.  Even my DH said “they are a really nice family, we should hang out with them again”. I really hope that we can.

3. My boss had his last day on Friday. I tried not to cry. We all tried not to cry. We were all VERY sad about it and we even tried (with little success) not to cry at the little party that we had for him on Friday.  But, he would like to stay in touch with me and this makes me VERY happy. New boss lady started yesterday. She is busy making our office look pretty (she cannot work in an environment that is not aesthetically appealing)  and even organised me a new, fancy chair because mine was not looking so hot. So far so good.

4. I recently came to the conclusion that, for me it’s either crafting or reading. NOT both. Last month I did zero crafting and lots of reading. This past week I did a bit of crafting and not a stitch of reading. My very clever friend suggested that I read every night and then set aside one evening a week for crafting. I am so going to do this.

5. And speaking of crafting, I have not been knitting. I miss it. A lot. Think I’m going to attempt something small just to get me going  again.

6. Today is day 2 of no caffeine. I am really battling with the withdrawal symptoms. Exercise helps though. 

7. Child1 asked me last week what the deal was with girls and why they couldn’t make up their minds if they wanted to be your friend or not. I felt a bit sorry for him and sad too. He still has soooooo much to learn. I told him to stay away from those types of girls in the meantime. Poor kid.

8. A woman in the office announced this morning that her daughter had gotten her period last night. Her daughter is 8. We all freaked out at the idea of an EIGHT YEAR OLD getting periods. Puberty blog post to follow later this week.

9. I manage to score a free five day holiday in July at the hot springs in Montague. On my parents time share. They can’t go for an entire week (my Mom can only do two days) and so she has arranged for us to take the rest of the week.  It means that I’ll be away on my birthday but it’s all good! I am giddy with excitement!

10. I found an OT who has a slot for Child2 on a Saturday morning. Isn’t that fantastic? He starts with her the weekend after Easter.

How are you? And how was your Tuesday?

7 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday

  1. My Tuesday was way better than my Monday!

    I started my period about 2 months before I turned 10 (and this was more than 30 years ago!). These days it’s common and there seems to be a connection with hormones in food. Of course, a lot of what we consider food, isn’t food at all, and affects the body and it’s systems – including the hormonal system – negatively. The problem with early puberty is of course that girls become sexually active at a young age.

    Yay for time-share! I love Montague!

  2. Gosh, what a lot of lovely things to look forward to. I battle to balance blogging, reading and crafting so I find that I just go with what I feel like on any given day. Actually haven’t done crafts since Xmas! Sjoe, I didn’t realise that until now.
    Glad the new boss lady is making your work space appealing. It makes spending 8 hours in that space so much more pleasing.

  3. hi, I am visiting here from Cams! A friend of ours did slimming world, and the results have been amazing. It is about changing your eating habits. Have a good holiday when it gets here :)

  4. Yeah for some time away – it sounds fantastic and super yeah for the Saturdays OT. I have not done a craft in ages but I guess I am in survival mode at the moment.

  5. Oh my crap…I only started at age 11-12….that means at 8 years old she can makes babies…that scares me…i would lock my daughter in a closet for the next 10 years…smile

    Good luck for Saturday

  6. Hot Springs is very fun – went in July about 3 years ago! It was VREK COLD though so be prepared just in case…there was snow on the surrounding mountains so hopefully not this year. The kids had a blast the springs are divine. What a treat!
    I am having a problem with reading. As in once I start I cant stop til i am finished!! This means that I become utterly disengaged from family life. This is not good … kinda like I swopped fb for just another type of addiction. ;-)
    And it was utterly divine meeting you guys….like i said…next time at my place okay? You guys must sommer come and watch Super 14 with us – did you catch the Stormers victory this morning – freaking AWESOME!! XX

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