Of memes…

I was recently tagged by Sharon and Louisa to do this meme.

The rules

  • Post 11 things about yourself
  • Answer the questions given
  • Set 11 new questions
  • Tag 11 people

1. I still have all my teeth. I feel that I must mention this because people usually assume that all the Cape Coloureds extract their front teeth. I rather love my teeth and won’t be getting rid of them any time soon, except for those pesky wisdom teeth which have not caused me any pain for the last while. Touch wood.

2. I have never ever coloured my hair, though I have done highlights once or twice. Thanks to my Mothers genes, I have maybe 3 grey hairs (btw…my Mom who is in her 50s has no grey hair and has never coloured either).

3. And speaking of my Mother –  thanks to her genes, I also have no stretch marks. After 4 kids, neither does she.

4. I LOVE eating fish. It’s my favourite and if I could get away with it I would eat it every single day. If you want to make me happy then you can take me out for fish or seafood or sushi. If you invite me over to your home and serve me any of these three dishes then I will MOST CERTAINLY leave you something in my will.

5. I am not that big on salt and in some instances I can go without it. Having said that, it’s a fine art to be able to cook with minimal salt (you have GOT to know your herbs and spices) so, if you ever see me add salt to something then it means that I probably don’t like it. Also, I won’t get offended if you add salt to something that I’ve prepared because I understand that some people like salt a lot more than I do.

6. I never, ever order salad in a restaurant. It feels wrong to be paying a lot of money for so many leaves and teaspoon of chicken or whatever.

7. I LOVE reading newspapers. Yet, I rarely buy them these days because I get my news online and because I can’t stand the way it clutters my house. I find it extremely pleasurable to start my day reading a fresh, unread newspaper while having a decent coffee.

8. I really do not like my hair. It’s too much work to maintain and I very nearly shaved it all off this past weekend. The only thing that stops me from doing this is the annoying “growing out” phase.

9. I turn 33 and a half next week. I preferred being 32 (there was just something so sexy about that age) and I really can’t say that I’ve enjoyed being this age.

10. I STILL get a kick out of seeing my blog link on another bloggers sidebar. Makes me soooooo happy or, as Marcia would say, it tickles me!

11. Even though I have inherited the no stretch marks gene and the minimal grey hair gene, I missed the sporting gene. I’m actually quite embarrassed about that because both my parents and ALL my siblings are sporty types – they even used to get WP colours! ME? My PE teacher hated my guts because I lacked co-ordination and used to run away from the ball. And I bunked.

Questions from Sharon:

1. Why did you decide to start blogging?

I always knew that I would blog. I just never got around to it. One day, I opened up a browser and just started. I blog more for me than anything else. And for therapy of course.

2. If there was ONE thing you could go back in time and change, would you and what would that be?

There are MANY things that I would go back and change. My problem is that I think with and follow my heart instead of actually using my brain. Because of this, I have been in LOADS of trouble.

3. Are you a girly girl or not so much?

I am a very girly-girl but only about 90% of the time. I need to be non-girly the other 10% of the time, otherwise I would NEVER survive in a house of boys.

4. What do you like most about yourself?

I know how to use my words. Oh, and I can pull off any hairstyle. EVERYTHING suits me. I just have that kind of face.

5. What do you like least about yourself?

It can sometimes take me a while to get perspective on something. I over think things to the point of driving myself nuts.

6. Tattoo’s or piercings? Have? Would you?

I’m not really interested in piercings and the only part of my body that is pierced are my ear-lobes. I do think it looks very hot on other people though. I like tattoos and consider it an art-form. I don’t have any tattoos at the moment and I am going to get inked later this year.

7. What is more scary – spiders or snakes?

Snakes. Sies!

8. What type of movies do you like?

I LOVE Musicals. I can watch Mama Mia and Burlesque and Moulin Rouge and Sound of Music and Annie and Across the Universe ALL DAY LONG!

9. India or Switzerland for holiday? Why?

India. I am a yoga bum and I would LOVE to spend time in an Ashram. I am fascinated by places with many cultures and the Indian people just seem more “real” than the Swiss.

10. What are you grateful for today?

Not a what but a WHO. My DH. I have had a rough couple of days and he just steps up every time and knows EXACTLY what to say and do.

11. What can’t you forgive?

Difficult one. I am quite good with forgiveness. Having said that, I don’t forget things. I think that if I was in a situation where I was abused or a victim of a horrible crime, or if someone were to intentionally hurt one of my kids or a family member then I might have had a different answer.

Questions from Louisa

  1. What is your favourite dessert?The Malva pudding wins every time.
  2. Who is the person you miss most? (dead or alive). I rather miss my  late FIL.
  3. What is the last thing that made you laugh (hard belly laugh…not a giggle). Child 2 in the car this evening. I was driving, he was drinking water out of a bottle. I stopped the car suddenly, and he spilled EVERYTHING and went nuts. I felt a bit bad to find it so funny but his reaction was too much!
  4. Are you left handed or right handed? Right handed
  5. What is your favourite quote of all time? I have many. One of my all time favourites is this one of Anais Nin and it is currently so apt in my life:  “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”.
  6. How long does it take you in the morning from getting up to go? Takes me about 25 minutes to get myself done. Takes about 55 minutes to get myself and all three kids done.
  7. They say everyone has at least one book/novel in them. If you ever got round to writing yours, what would it be about?  Mine would be dramatic. Full of intense family dynamics. Like your “East of Eden” kind of novel. There would be much treachery and lust and deep love and despair and family drama.
  8. What do you consider comfort food? A baked pasta dish. Or any warm, sweet pudding.
  9. What are you wearing today? Today I wore jeans, a black top, flip-flops.
  10. How much do you spend a month on groceries? (include take out and restaurants) Mmmm…about R3.5k
  11. Where is your happy place? BEACH!

I’m not going to tag anyone because this meme has gone round and round and round. If you want to, you can fill in the blanks either in the comments or on your blog. Or just keep it for a rainy day.

I am…

I know…

I want:

I wish…

I fear…

I feel…

I smell…

I hear….

I wonder…

I believe…

I sing…

I cried last…

I can usually be found…

I am happy…

8 thoughts on “Of memes…

  1. I am very jealous of the no stretchmarks thing you inherited…just so you know. ;-)

    I am…lion. Hear me ROAR! *meouw* Okay now seriously, I am in a miff mood this week with certain people in my life (for very good reasons). I will blog and reveal all (or some).
    I know…that I have some hard decisions to make with regards to these people. Actually the fact that I know that makes me think I’ve already made those decisions, now just to communicate them.
    I want: world peace ;-) Not really. I want a proper bloody house where I can keep a handbag sized dog for my daughter to play with and plant things in the ground. Put down roots as it were. And I don’t want to rent it, I want to own it and owe nothing on it. Big ask, but that is what I want. World peace wouldn’t be sniffed at either mind you.
    I wish…that I had “the one” by my side some days. Not every day, but some days – I wish I had that person.
    I fear…spiders
    I feel…fighting fit
    I smell…the peanuts of the Nosh I just had at my desk
    I hear….the gentle buzz of the certral aircon and my colleague waffling on the phone
    I wonder…how I got here when I always take the road less traveled.
    I believe…that God has a plan with my life, I’m pretty sure I’m hitting the mark with Nicola but I feel like I’m a bit off track with just about everything else.
    I sing…in the bath, in the car, in front of the printer, just about everywhere…when I’m not singing I’m humming or whistling
    I cried last…week…from pain. Skinned my shin diving into the pool to save Nicola who just stepped off the step like she was invinsible. Silly goose. I could have taken a bit more time and enetered the pool with some grace, since I was so quick her head didn’t even go under the water and she was none the wiser while I was curling up in agony and now have a nice shade of blue on my tan.
    I can usually be found… at the other end of my phone or email.
    I am happy…as the day is long. Yip, I really am. Being unhappy just spoils my buzz and steals my energy, so I don’t bother with it for long. I’m more prone to angry than unhappy if something goes wrong.

    1. Thank you so much for doing this. LOVED reading your “I AM”. I am also always singing and I think it’s AWESOME that you are happy.

  2. Oh, I’ve so enjoyed reading Louisa’s :) And yours of course!

    Your mother’s non grey hair makes me jealous – as does yours! I’ve been dying my hair for need, not fun, since I was 25 years old. Yes. Lots of money spent on hair colour.

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