I am not an animal person

I am not an animal person. There I said it.

When I tell people this then they think that I hate animals. That is not true at all. I simply am not an animal person.

You will never find me stroking a cat or a dog or ANY animal for that matter.

I grew up with pets (we had a dog when I was very little and after that we only had cats) and I was always like this.

Let me just be very clear about something:

I abhor animal cruelty and I have ZERO RESPECT for people who ill-treat animals in any way.

I am just not an animal person.

I don’t particularly like going to the zoo or any place where there are animals though I do take my kids to these types of places.

To be honest, I am afraid of animals – specifically dogs. I am very scared of dogs and won’t visit you if you don’t put them out of my sight or whatever. I was bitten by a dog as a child and I think it stems from that. My worst is dogs wanting to jump on me. I HATE that.

My kids are not animal people either. I have obviously passed my fears down to them. Child 2 is petrified of animals that are not behind a cage or a glass.  Child 1 went through a phase of being scared of dogs but nowadays he just wants a dog. I thought that perhaps it would be a good way for him to learn responsibility. Last year I even did research on dog breeds that would suit our family. My requirements were very simple. I couldn’t have a dog that was shedding hair (we have allergies) and I didn’t want a dog that needed to sleep inside my house.

Eventually I decided on a terrier-type something or other and at the last-minute I changed my mind. I could totally see that this dog was going to become my responsibility and I wasn’t prepared for that so I told Child1 that we could re-assess when he was 12. Honestly? I hope he forgets but if he doesn’t then I am prepared to go for it, providing that there  are ground rules in place. Deep down I think that maybe it will be good for us so that I can also overcome my dog fear issues.

This other morning Sally tweeted about the fact that she was gutted that her Rooster was going home with her domestic to the pot because he was crowing early in the mornings – that sort of thing is not allowed in a residential area. I asked my DH if we could have Sally’s Rooster. He told me that it wasn’t feasible for us either as there are loads of cats around – our neighbours cats love our yard as well and they are never going to leave our poor Rooster in peace.

Then my DH told me that maybe geese would be a better option. They are noisy and they can bite! AND they are relatively easy to take care of. What a win!

I think I like this idea better than the dog one. Now I just need to convince Child1.  Am sure our neighbours will be fine with it. They have all been burgled in recent months.

Oh, and last month I spoke to the women in the office about getting a tortoise. I like tortoises and our OT has one in her garden which Child 2 was completely fascinated with. Apparently you need a licence for that though so it’s probably not going to happen.

What I have written in this post is MY issue. I know that many of you are serious dog/animal people. It is absolutely NOT my intention to offend anyone.

In fact, maybe you can advise me on the best type of dog to get? What kind of dog do  you have? What made you decide on that particular breed? What would be the best way to transition my kids (who are occasionally scared) of animals?

8 thoughts on “I am not an animal person

  1. I am your opposite here, my sweet. I grew up with both cats and dogs – and just an hour ago I said to Travers that I never want to live my life withOUT animals (particularly cats who I love 51% more than dogs :-) ).
    It drives me mad when my dogs jump up on people when they arrive at my home – because I am only too aware of the fact that there are people out there who are just not animal people. My mom is one of them. I know that she doesn’t HATE animals or want to kick them and stuff like that – she is just not an animal person. It is as simple as that – although there are people who don’t see that as “simple”!!
    My doggies are two old pavement specials .. and then there is Picasso the ‘puppy’. Boistrous, naughty, terror. But that’s because he’s a puppy. We really DO need to send him to puppy school. He causes so much trouble with the others that he is often banished to outside (where there is a cozy bed, lovely shade and fresh water for him). He’s a dope though – when Travers isn’t looking, I sneak him up onto the bed and he rests his precious little (big!) head on my chest and looks into my eyes. He was abused and is just thankful to have a home. That’s all.
    My cats are .. just the best. I have one in particular who is my be all and end all. She was there for me during some of my really rough years and continues to follow me around like a dog, chatting away. She often sleeps on my shoulder or chest at night. I love her hideously.
    If your kids meet new dogs – please have the dog owner stand next to the dog and then have your child put their hand out, palm DOWN, so that the dog can sniff them that way. That is how I introduce myself to new dogs and also speak softly and gently. I generally don’t do this with bigger (scarier!) dogs like Rotties or Dobermans or Alsatians .. I was bitten by an Alsatian as a child and tend to steer clear of them :-(
    Enough blabbing …….

  2. I’m also the opposite Jules. I’m an animal lover through and through, especially dogs, cats and horses. But I have no problem with people who don’t like animals so long as they don’t ill treat them. My take on it is that dogs are social animals, they NEED to be with you, to be part of your family and its just my opinion but I feel that if people are not willing to put that time into having a dog, then they should rather not have one.
    I definitely think the geese would be a better option for you, they are not social with humans and don’t need to spend time with you.

  3. Urk, then if you ever managed to come to JHB to visit me we’d have a problem… my jack russel jumps on EVERYONE – u would hate it and I woudl get super stressed cos she was jumping on you ;)

    If you are not an animal person Jules, then I woudln’t get a dog. Dogs are VERY social animals and NEED that interaction with their owners. Maybe a cat? Cats are way more independant and don’t rely on that human interaction and are a lot less “work” than dogs?

    I love animals and wish our garden was bigger so I could get me some more furry babies! One day when I’m big we’ll get there ;)

  4. I must admit, I’m not much of a dog person. I have a dog and she’s very sweet, but I resent her neediness and contrary to what I was told beforehand, she’s quite a difficult breed to handle (a Basset – naughty, stubborn and not too bright). Dogs are work – no matter what size they are, they have to be walked daily and they have to be washed and groomed regularly. You have to pick up their mess, they ruin your garden and yes, they jump, bark and want to be with you all the time. Cats, on the other hand, are very loving, yet independent. You may have a problem with the allergies though…

  5. I’m not an animal person either. My husband and I are terribly allergic to dogs and cats so much so that I can’t see out of my swollen eyes and I look like rudolph the red nose reindeer.

    I’ve been told by my eldest he is an animal lover and that he needs a pet. We had a dog on the Birthday and Christmas list for many years until we eventually compromised and bought him a bunny. They are the best pets!!! Seriously we love our Charlie so much. He doesn’t make us sneeze, he doesn’t chew our shoes, he doesn’t jump on us and he is so cute. Get a bunny?

  6. My two cents…if you are not an animal person, don’t do it!
    I know so many people, who have done it ‘for the kids” or for what ever reason, and the poor things become a nuisance, and are just not given the attention they need.

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