Sunday Lunches

Growing up we ate the biggest Sunday lunches ever. My Mommy really outdid herself and it was like a feast!

A typical Sunday lunch would consist of roasted chicken and potatoes, at least 3 types of vegetables (with lots of butter), some savoury rice, a leg of lamb or similar (WITH GRAVY) and there would ALSO be a stew or a curry on the side. There was ALWAYS dessert AND cake or homemade biscuits for the afternoon. It was just the way it was and no one ever questioned it. They just tucked in. Sunday lunches used to be my favourite part of Sundays.

I am not sure if it is a cultural thing or something that only happened in the coloured community but my friends also used to have HUGE Sunday lunches that looked very similar to what I’ve just described.

Fast forward to me now being a Mom and wife and my Sunday lunches look VERY different. I am usually tired on a Sunday and I am not that big on cooking. My DH and kids are not fussy either and I will admit that this has made me lazy. I will admit to serving scrambled eggs on toast for the occasional Sunday lunch. Last week I was also lazy so I did Spagbol. I wouldn’t dare tell my Mom about this because I REALLY don’t think she will be impressed. I will admit to once in a while going all out – when this does happen my DH will usually ask me what’s the occasion.

I usually make ONE dish with vegetables on the side and I do cook triple portions so we can have enough for Sunday AND Monday dinner. I make whatever is in the freezer or whatever I feel like having and occasionally my DH will tell me what he feels like having and then I will make an effort to prepare it for him.  There is no traditional dessert – I do a fruit salad with yoghurt or maybe with Ultra Mel custard. Sometimes I buy a Woollies dessert – our favourite is their Malva pudding. There is no roast with trimmings. There are no buttery vegetables.

In Summer we do a braai for lunch (chicken or fish -always snoek) with salad and rolls on the side..

A big part of me misses eating the way I ate as a kid but it’s also a matter of economics. I simply can’t afford to make so much food for one day and I also don’t want to get fat!

Interestingly enough, my Mother still cooks a lot on a Sunday albeit a MUCH healthier version because my Dad is diabetic and she has issues with cholesterol. They are very mindful of what and how they eat and there ain’t no more buttery vegetables in that house. Dessert is also minimal. Economics now also plays a role and there is none of the leg of lamb and homemade cake and biscuits unless it’s a special occasion or they are entertaining.

I recently asked my Mother why she makes so much food on a Sunday. She told me it’s because she knows that I will pop around with the kids on a Sunday afternoon. Isn’t that sweet? She also said that it’s not wasted because they do have it for Sunday and Monday dinner.

This was my Sunday lunch today: Chicken à la king (one of those packet jobs because I happened to have all the ingredients), rice and lots of oven roasted veg on the side.  I am busy heating some up now for when we have dinner in a bit. I was also inspired by Marcia and have just made these Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Oats cookies that she had on her Pinterest board. It was NO BAKE which is right up my alley and you can find the original recipe here.

Have I mentioned that I don’t bake anything except the occasional fridge tart at Christmas time? And did I tell you that I only ever baked ONE cake in my life? I did it when I was 18 and it was to impress a boy! It worked. I married him a few years later…

But, I digress. What did you make for lunch today?

Did you have big Sunday lunches growing up?

What does your average Sunday lunch look like?

14 thoughts on “Sunday Lunches

  1. Growing up our lunches looked like yours (but a scaled-down version) and I also loved it.

    In fact, when my granny was alive, I’d phone “home” on a Sunday and say, “what are you having for lunch?” just to hear about all the delicious food LOL

    When it was just D and me, we’d have rolls with cold meat every Sunday. Occasionally (verrrry occasionally) I’d do a stirfry.

    You see, I treat every day the same, food-wise. Lunches are always a sandwich and supper is cooked.

    Now with kids it is exactly the same except toast with something :)

    Today we went to Ocean Basket so that was exciting for us! We do go out more these days because the kids are finally controllable but it’s a quick meal like WImpy, Mimmos, Nino’s, Mugg and Bean, etc.

    Of course when we do go home to PE I plan it purposefully so I’m there for TWO Sundays for the lunches :)

    When I tell people here about our Sunday lunches, they always pity us and threaten to invite us over but sadly, no one has followed through yet.

    1. For a while I was doing Sunday dinner instead of Sunday lunches but I am just too lazy to cook on Sunday evenings. That’s why I rather make a big pot pot of something so that there will be something for dinner. I am VERY lucky that Lance is not fussy. Now I’m in the mood for Ocean Basket.

  2. Weekends in our house used to be “help yourself” – my gran used to make a big lunch every Sunday though and sometimes we would go there.

    I do the same now – most Sundays we just chill and make something small but I do at least 2 sundays make a roast chicken with the works – we love it :)

    1. Mmmm…I do like the “help yourself” thing. Will think about trying to implement that on a Sunday.

  3. Yesterday we had freshly caught bass with chips for lunch. It was really yum. Most sundays though i don’t cook. DH cooks over the weekends as I do the week cooking, and lunches are something along the lines of freshly made pasta, gnocchi or a chicken on the weber. Simple easy foods.

    Supper is always egg and something. Dippy egg, eggy bread, egg in a cup – eggs eggs eggs. Sundays are my ‘lazy’ day and i do not more than I have to!

    1. Ooooh…your lunch of yesterday sounds DIVINE! I’m all for simple and easy because really, I am exhausted on Sundays from Saturday errands and and and…

  4. Welcome to the Afrikaans version – much much the same as yours. Apart form maybe not cake too. My mom still cooks like that when we go to her for Sunday lunch, and she lives on her own.

    We do it on a lower scale – a lot of the time we braai, even winter here. And often we do dinner, depending on what’s happening during the day. Often Hunter gets the inclination to cook some dig stuff for the week – so he cooks 2 or 3 dishes, we eat one that night and the rest gets frozen.

    Yesterday he cooked chicken curry for bookclub which I have frozen and lamb stew that we had for dinner and will have tonight too.

    1. Seems it is a cultural thing. I know that Afrikaans people have big Sunday lunches and I find that this was most popular amongst the “older” coloured folk. Some of my friends have taken that tradition into their own families and STILL cook like that on Sundays. Granted, it happens to be the friends who LOVE being in front of the stove. Am sommer in the mood for nice chicken curry now. Must make it this week.

  5. Growing up our lunch was the same as yours. My mom is still doing it and they are only 3 left at home now. Since its only hubby and I are rarely go all out like that anymore. Yesterday I made leg of lamb, veggies and rice only coz we were going to have guests. There was no desert, though and if they wanted some, they were going to get ice-cream.

    1. I wonder if it is a generational thing.

      I would definitely only do leg of lamb if I was having guests. Just feels like so much work on a weekend! And ice cream is ALWAYS the perfect dessert. I usually just buy a chocolate sauce to go with it and I am all “help yourself”. x

  6. Jules, I think it’s a cultural thing. We never grew up with big Sunday lunches, it was always a braai or a roll with cold meats and salad. Then I met Walter and his family are still being on a big Sunday lunch of “kook kos”. Roasted meats, lots of veggies, all sweetened or cooked with potatoes and mashed. I LOVED it but not great for the waistline!
    Like you, come Sunday, I’m either too tired or too lazy for that kind of effort. In fact, I can quite honestly say on weekends, I don’t cook. From Friday night, we either eat take out, or go out or braai.

    1. Gosh yes. In addition to all that butter there was all that sugar as well! I often wonder if I would go to so much effort if I was a SAHM and if money wasn’t an issue…

  7. We used to do the Sunday lunch thing growing up – it was an Afrikaner thing, you know. It was never as lavish as yours though! Wow! We’d have a meat dish – either a roast, or a chicken casserole – with rice, veggies, salad and a baked pudding with ice cream or custard.

    My mom and my sister still do that, but Craig and I usually go out for lunch. I’ve never cooked like that. Yesterday we stayed home and watched movies and he made us boerewors rolls and salad. It was lovely.

    I’m just not a domestic goddess, and I’m perfectly okay with that.

  8. We sometimes have a big Sunday lunch, usually at my folks – it would be a bit pointless for me to do that just for Nicola and myself. When we have a big family event we always end up eating till we can hardly sit up anymore.

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