Ten on Tuesday

  1. I took Child 2 for an OT assessment yesterday. He had so much fun! Apparently I now need to buy him a trampoline. Have to go back to her on Friday to talk about what happened and to discuss the way forward.
  2. With all the crafting that I’ve been doing I have completely neglected to keep up with my admin. I am very behind and need to sort out a few things this week. Have made a list and started doing some stuff today.
  3. I finally went out and bought myself a laminating machine on Saturday and have done practice laminating for everything A4 in sight! Have many, many plans with this. Will blog some projects soon!
  4. The tech finally came around to fix my washing machine. He told me to rather buy a new one because there are two things wrong and it is going to cost me at least R1500 to fix. You cannot possibly believe how much this annoys me. I did get a new microwave though. My sister gave me her 3month old LG because she has an alternative solution in place for herself. That makes me happy. Btw…did I mention that my washing machine, microwave and TV all conked in within the space of 2 weeks? Honestly, they just don’t manufacture things the way they used to.
  5. Marcia wrote a post a few days ago about perspective and it has been on my mind quite a bit. Co-incidentally I have made many observations this past week about the people I follow on Twitter. Many of them live in a bubble and have no idea what it’s like to be poor. Or hungry. Or heaven forbid, to live without a Domestic Worker. Or to not have money to pay basic for basic things like bread. They don’t know that R20 is not enough for bread AND milk. They don’t know that many poor people no longer eat meat and have to put soup bones in their curry. Also, they laugh at and trivialize things which make them uncomfortable. Sometimes I want to respond to them but I don’t because I really don’t need that kind of online drama in my life. So I ignore, seethe a bit and eventually (maybe/possibly/if necessary) click on the unfollow button. I am a rather pathetic wallflower when I really shouldn’t be. And on this note, I stumbled on a blog the other day (don’t you just love when that happens?) where the author took up a challenge to live on R12 per day for a couple of days. She wrote a few posts about her experience, bearing in mind that the R12 was only for food and excluded things like electricity and transport. Seriously people. Be grateful for what you have because let me tell you this much: If you are connected into the internet and can click on my blog to read this post then you are SUPER WEALTHY compared to some people in SA.
  6. One of my colleagues quit her job the other day. She has nothing lined up and has no idea what she will be doing. She says that she is not paid enough to be our employers b*itch – her words, not mine. I am envious of her and the fact that she has the courage which I obviously lack. I wish  that I had the faith in myself that she has. I once did the same thing and just quit without having something lined up so I know that I have it in me. I am just not so sure I can do it now. How does one even begin to get courage? Where do you even start?
  7. I’m busy rereading The Happiness Project. There is so much that I could say about this book (have gained MUCH insight)but I just can’t formulate anything coherent about it.  Has that ever happened to you?
  8. I got the book that I was referring to in this post. Have blocked off some time this weekend so I can get into it. Will DEFINITELY blog about it once I’m done reading it.
  9. My job is making me VERY unhappy. Do you have any idea how horrible it is to be unhappy for at least 7 hours of your day? I battle to focus and the little things just seem so hard! I know what needs to be done. I need to get my A into G and knuckle down with the job hunting but I just feel so stuck. And the thought of going for interviews is filling me with panic and utter dread. Seriously. Where to start?
  10. I went for a session of yoga on Friday. It was BEAUTIFUL. I even cried! Will blog about yoga tomorrow.

So….how was your Tuesday?

6 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday

  1. I’m glad my post resonated. I think about these things too much too.

    Did you go to that website? There was only 1 person who commented on it and for me, THAT is a fantastic perspective – we are all so super wealthy.

    Somebody told me at work that he spends on WINE in a month what you pay for a child in a cheap private school – I’m thinking R3500 – R4000. I’m slightly disgusted actually. I get passions but oy!

    My Tuesday was good – I’m just off to bed to catch up – enjoying a book, did some photo organising and 4 things on the business all in 90 minutes.

  2. Oh you are so right about people’s perceptions about mney. Actually I have a whole mouthful about Twitter – need to blog.

    I LOVED the Happiness project – so much to take out and use.

    And it is terrible not to be happy at work.

  3. My Tuesday was HECTIC! May just blog about it.

    Yes, there are definately some people out there who live in la-la land and have no idea about living on the breadline. NONE.

    And yay to you for Yoga, and taking Child 2 to the OT – wanting to hear more about that.

    We had to replace our washing machine a couple of years ago and I found an LG top loader for just under R1900. Try AA Furnishers in Town – from what Ir emember they will better any price you get!

  4. I hear you on the twitter crowd… I often wonder whether they’re for real, or just faking it. Fortunately I don’t spend a great deal of time on twitter these days.

    You’re worth more than being unhappy in your job, so maybe it really is time to start looking. There’s always movement in the market after the Christmas period, so maybe you want to start getting your ducks in a row?

  5. I agree re the twitter thing. As for the domestic worker issue, it’s the question that annoys me the most, when people heard we were emigrating, they would ask,”But how will you cope without a domestic?” and it drove me nuts, I always wanted to turn around and yell that I would cope like everyone else in the western civilized world, and just do it myself. Which I do, and I love doing it. Not once have I thought, Oh I wish I had some help! You just DO it. Grrr.

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