Jokes are funny. Not.

I am not so good with the jokes.

I am one of those people who seldom get it the first time – for some reason it takes me a while. I don’t know if it is because I am perhaps too serious a person or what but there have been many occasions where I laughed at someone’s joke without actually getting the punch line.

I don’t watch sitcoms like Two and a Half Men or The IT Crowd because I find it quite hard work to think about why I am laughing. And when I do sometimes get it then I find it quite lame and so fake already!

Usually when someone tells me a joke (I obviously laugh because it would be rude not to and I would be mortified if they knew that I wasn’t getting it! ) then I first have to go home and repeat it to my DH who usually gets it immediately! He knows me so well that he explains it to me as soon as he’s done laughing, without me having to even ask.

I seem to find it easier to actually “get” the dark-humour-type jokes (like the ones they make in Greys or Desperate Housewives or Nip Tuck) but the easier ones are so higher grade for me sometimes.

I am on a mission to fake it till I make it (it’s much harder than it sounds btw but it is helping) and so for the past few days I have been laughing at stuff that I don’t get. Even more so than usual.

My Tween boy is forever telling me jokes. I really do not get his jokes but I laugh to humour him. I even bought him a joke book last month. I paged through it in the book shop and honestly found it ridiculously stupid. But, I bought it for him because I knew he would love it and because it was marked down by something like 75%. Needless to say, he LOVES that book and I hear him laughing every night when he is reading it in bed.

I can handle some stand up comedy like Marc Lottering and Stuart Taylor and Kurt Schoonraad. Maybe because their jokes are aimed at mocking the stuff that I find familiar. Anything else I can’t handle – it feels like I need a degree to understand the humour.

My favourite people are the ones who are funny without even realising it. Especially my kids. People who try to be funny just ain’t funny to me.

I do enjoy comedy movies like Meet the Fockers and all the stuff with Steve Martin. I quite like those Madea movies as well. Other stuff with Martin Lawrence and The Hangover-type movies are just completely over the top!

Is there any way around this issue? Are you good with the lame jokes? Am I just too serious? How do you handle it when you don’t get someones jokes? Do you laugh and pretend that you get it?


6 thoughts on “Jokes are funny. Not.

  1. LOL I like to think of it that your sense of humour is a bit more intelligent than slapstick.

    I ran some focus groups at work recently and sadly, South Africans mainly get slapstick, in-your-face type humour, not the more intelligent British (dark, slightly off the wall) stuff.

    I’m the same as you although I do have my moments. D loves it when I’m tired because he can tell me stupid jokes and I laugh and laugh. Sometimes I don’t even notice and he’ll say, “you’re tired, you need to go to bed” which is even funnier :)

    We have a signal in our team (i love those guys) that if we don’t get a joke, we do a motion with our hand over our head like that’s TOTALLY over our head, we don’t get it. Today in our team meeting, 3 of the 6 of us who were there at the time did it altogether when our boss made a joke.

    1. I think you have hit the nail on the head. I simply can’t do any form of slapstick!

      And I also laugh at all of Lance’s crap when I am tired. He is into all kinds of humour. He can easily vacillate between intelligent humour, dark humour and the slapstick variety. I actually envy that.

      That is such a cool signal that your team has. Love it!

  2. Jules, I’m not a fan of slap stick or toilet humour I find it less than intelligent and just stupid most of the time.
    I enjoy British humour very much and I also love the humour that seems to be very much a part of the SA coloured Community. My Dad owns a factory, the bulk of his staff are coloured and they crack me up with their off the wall humour, I hope my saying that is not offense, I don’t mean it to be, promise. I just love that Cape accent with the sharp wit.

    Do yourself a favour, if you have Mnet, watch Modern Family on a Wednesday evening at 19h30. It is by far my most favorite comedy of all time. The family dynamics combined with sharp wit have me doubled over.

    FYI I’m not a serious person, far from it but I rarely laugh at comedies as I find a lot of them forced.

    1. Oh please! I LOVED this comment and am definitely not offended. I do love the humour in the coloured community as well. I don’t have Mnet but I have heard a lot about Modern Family. Am going to see if my DVD hire place has it and hire the first season.

  3. I laugh all the time. Honestly, the things that tickle me! And I do Twitter purely for the wicked wit some people display. But we are all different. And that’s totally okay.

    1. That is one of the main reasons why I LOVE twitter. That wicked, very clever wit totally does it for me…

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