Let’s go to the movies!

When I typed the title of this post I immediately thought of the song that comes from the movie “Annie”. Do you know the song? I just LOVE it and sing it to my Toddler over and over. He giggles every single time and I keep picturing that particular song/scene between her, Grace and Daddy Warbucks.

I very rarely watch movies.

For a long time there simply hasn’t been one that has completely gripped me from beginning to end. Not sure if it is an attention span thing or if the movies of now are just rubbish.

I have instead become a series watcher. I can’t bear having to wait an entire week for the next episode (my instant gratification self can’t cope with this) so I usually hire the complete series (I even have a contract at the video shop for this purpose  – R100 for 10 disks – cheapest entertainment ever) and watch it all in one go – usually over a weekend.

You are allowed to keep the series for only one night but the guy at the movie shop has a thing for me (I do humour him with some very light flirtation – my DH knows about it and just laughs) and lets me keep it from Friday night until Monday evenings. It’s the one thing that can relax me completely. Perfect escapism. I get totally caught up in the characters and the plot.

I have just finished watching season 3 of Gossip Girl and I am about to start watching Glee. Love it. I tried to watch my favourite Greys Anatomy this past weekend but it was a bit painful at the parts where they had to resuscitate patients and deal with bereaved families. Will be giving this series a miss for a bit.

Occasionally (like maybe twice a year) then I am actually in the mood for movies.  My DH LOVES when I am in this mood (he is a movie person) because it means watching at least 4 movies in one day – usually on a Saturday or a Sunday. It’s a big occasion where we involve the kids and we have popcorn and everything.

I do love going to the cinema with my DH. He very cleverly lets me choose the movie every single time. We haven’t done this in a while – normally when we do date nights/afternoons we do things that would mean that we communicate and engage with one another all the time. Movies simply don’t allow for that. And it can become expensive to go to the movies AND eat out.

I do enjoy a good art film. And I LOVE musicals. These are my favourites and I can watch them over and over and not get tired of it.  I very seldom watch a movie if I have read the book because I am ALWAYS left feeling disappointed by the film version. My favourite movies are usually the arty ones playing at Cinema Noveau.  I also LOVE going alone – haven’t actually done this in a while.

I can’t remember the last movie that I watched at home. Actually I do. It was “The Black Swan”. Beautifully shot. Deeply disturbing plot. Profoundly moving. Very confusing but did touch on a multitude of themes. Before that I watched The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I haven’t read the book but I did enjoy the movie though some of the scenes were violent and disturbing.

The last movie that I watched in a theatre was Twilight’s Eclipse. I am completely obsessed with that Twilight series and have read the first three books in the series. Even though I don’t usually do vampire books or movies, I am a HUGE Twilight fan. I am on Team Edward btw…Edward Cullen can bite me anytime. I LOVE the storyline and the movies are beautifully shot. They are also true to the books and the movie sound track is simply divine.

Btw…that is another thing that I am into. I may actually buy a movie soundtrack if I enjoyed the movie music.

I received a free movie ticket for my birthday which I need to use within the next two weeks. I went onto the Nu Metro website (this is where I must redeem the ticket) and I have to say that there is not a single movie calling my name. I suspect that I’m going to go alone, though my DH did make noises about coming along seeing that we haven’t done something like this in a while. I think that I will indulge him with this one.

Are you a movie buff? Do you LOVE going to see a movie?  Are you into movie soundtracks? What do you suggest I watch with my free ticket? You are not allowed to say Harry Potter. PLEASE.

ps..thank you for your lovely comments on my last post. I am feeling better and more normal, today mainly because I had a good, hard run. Endorphins still missing. Hopefully next week?

13 thoughts on “Let’s go to the movies!

  1. I love going to movies, however we don’t go very often due to the distance we need to travel to get there (just over an hr’s drive).

    I’m a big chick flick watcher – i know – i can hear you sighing as you read this. But i love that they are so light and fluffy and that i hardly need to think and leave with a smile on my face.

    having said that, i do enjoy a good drama too.Loved Q&A and also On Chessil Beach.

    And of course the excuse to watch kiddies movies. Yeah!

    1. LOL. Not at all. I do enjoy a good chick flick if I’m in the right mood. Perfect escapism. The last one I watched (some months ago) was It’s Complicated – you know the one with Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan? I found it to be really funny and enjoyed it a lot! Gosh, you have to drive an hour to see a movie? I must stop taking going to the movies for granted.

      1. Yes I saw It’s complicated and LOVED it. loved loved loved it. Was having a really blah saturday a little while back and remembered that i’d pvr’d it. Such a feel good movie. LOVE meryl streep.

        Saw the preview to what looked like a really funny movie this eve, Larry Crowne – Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks (i think). Looked fun.

  2. I love, love, love chick flicks – I love the pure escapism and not having to think about things that are too serious. Life is hard enough in my view.

    D is a BIG movie person – his goal is one a week (tonight he’s at the movies). Do you know he studied TV and Film? He likes all sorts of movies. When we go together, we watch my kind of thing though. We are WELL overdue for a movie date. BTW when we go to movies we’ll have a coffee to chat afterwards.

    I love going to movies alone too but there is so little I want to see that I always take him or my one friend (for things like Sex and The City, which D will not watch because it is “beyond fluff” as he says) with me.

    PS you know how much I loved It’s Complicated, right? LOVED it – laughed SO loud in the movie theatre. “Big boy” :)

    1. D sounds like Lance. That one would go and see a movie every week if he could. I did a short film course at high school. Was VERY basic but I LOVED it. I wonder why I didn’t take it further. Am actually about to watch one now. Going to watch The Girl Who Played with Fire. Escapism is just the thing for me right now…

    1. LOVE Greys. I think it is brilliant. Did you start with season 1? Try again. Watch at least 8 episodes before truly writing it off. If you like the medical series then Private Practice is also really good. And House. Friends is OK. But it annoys me after a while. I can’t do Seinfeld but Lance is a HUGE fan.

  3. I tried watching 24 on DVD, but hubby hated it. We’ve been TV free for almost four years now, and usually watch one or two movies per week on DVD, and lately we’ve been going to the cinema. We compromise between action and romance, with a dose of drama and comedy thrown in once in a while. I love movies!

  4. I love Movies…but I tend not to go and buy most of the New releases on DVD…I have a huge DVD collection.
    I love the movie Annie and I have bought it (along with Sound of Music) for her collection. I always sing “The sun will come out tomorrow” and “Dumb Dog” for her…smile

    1. Can you believe that I don’t own a single musical DVD? That is a travesty because I LOVE musicals. I am going to start buying them one by one. First one on the list = Sound of Music. Think the kids will LOVE it!

  5. Oh I love the movies but go so little these days.Last saw Water for Elephants and really enjoyed it. I can almost watch everything but really violent skop skiet en doodslag stuff. I would see the Bang-bang club or Jock of the Bushveld

    1. Can’t do too much violence either! And I really don’t mind swearing (I also swear) but EVERY 2ND WORD starting with an F is just too much! That’s why I stay away from the Mafia movies and anything with Al Pacino. Will check out the two movies that you mentioned. x

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