I have been a slacker

I do love winter so very much.

I am not going to go into all the reasons why I love this season as this would probably be a blog post on its own.

I will say that the one thing that I love most about winter is the fact that, subconsciously it feels like I have permission to stay in bed or on the couch under my blankets and simply NOT MOVE AT ALL.  It’s like I feel OK to be in a kind of hibernation. I watch a lot of TV in winter (and obviously I indulge in the comfort eating that goes with this) and it’s like I’m trying to make up for the fact that I don’t watch any TV for about 7 or so months of the year. I can spend all day long watching movies and series during the winter months and I LOVE it!

But. This behaviour has now officially caught up with me and it’s simply not good. I have become a slacker which doesn’t make me happy AT ALL.

This past weekend I decided to take a weekend off from my computer. I did not email (except for a two-liner on Saturday morning from my phone), I did not read any blogs, I did not blog (even though I had posts churning out of my ears!), I did NOTHING on my computer. I did go onto FB and Twitter sporadically using my phone – am actually contemplating whether I should disable this feature.

And, because of my computer which wasn’t there to distract me I managed to do a lot of stuff around the house. I cleaned up A LOT. Even washed bedding and managed to get it all dry on Saturday. I did some reading, though not nearly enough. I actually spent time listening and talking to both my kids AND my husband without having my face glued to my screen.  I visited my friend. And I had time to reassess where I am at. This is what I’ve come up with:

Weight loss:

This is going WAY to slowly. I lost another 0.2kg this past week but I haven’t been 100% disciplined. I haven’t even been 65% disciplined. This stops today. I have worked out my menu for the week and yesterday evening I managed to go and buy everything I needed so that I wouldn’t be distracted by other foods in my space. I am so sticking to the plan this week. For the moment I am going to continue with lunch time walking and taking the stairs for exercise. I can probably squeeze in some proper exercise at a yoga studio (this was the plan) but I know myself. I am simply going to be “too cold” to go and do this after work in the evenings.

My house:

This weekend I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned some more. Even “I” was proud of myself. I can’t currently afford someone to come in and do housework for me so I HAVE to do it myself. The problem is that I spend WAY too much time on this. So, my DH and I set up a roster last night with BOTH kids. At this stage my Toddler can only do things like take his dirty clothing to the wash, put his dirty dishes in the sink and pick up his toys (which he does without me asking btw…such a Virgo!). My Tween on the other hand can do so much more than what we’ve been expecting. I want my house squeaky clean by Friday nights so that it doesn’t take all my time on a Saturday.

Admin Stuff:

I have just been sooooo lazy in keeping up with this. I have taken a day off on Thursday because I have to go back to the dentist and take my Toddler for speech therapy in the morning. I am going to spend the rest of Thursday catching up with the filing and finishing with my clothing cupboard de-cluttering.

Money Stuff:

Thank you all for these beautiful comments on this post. I was moved to tears by each one of them. My DH and I have a breakfast date scheduled for this coming Saturday where we are going to brainstorm a bit more on this. I have no doubt that things are going to be OK. And I WILL go back to study next semester. I don’t know yet how exactly I am going to pull this one off but I am so going to do it.

Computer and internet stuff:

I need to go back to limiting myself to 1 or 2 hours maximum every night. I am currently spending about 4.5 hours on it EVERY NIGHT! That is just ridiculous. How is it that I allow the internet to rule my life like this? How is it that I struggle to switch off my computer at night? How did I get to the point where my Tween boy jokingly tells me that I need internet rehab? I believe that there is a truth in every joke and even though he laughed about it, that comment stayed with me. This behaviour needs to be modified and it basically means planning my blogging and commenting and researching stuff a bit better. I am working something out that will allow me to use my computer time better in the evenings.

I have also decided that I need to get in touch with my creative side a bit more and have decided to knit for the first time since Standard 5 – (21 years ago in case you were wondering). My friend gave me some knitting needles this past weekend and I need to go and buy some soft, chunky wool. I am going to do this challenge that Sally has posted on her knitting website. I am probably going to have to Google knitting101 seeing that I haven’t done this in a very, very long time. Seriously. How difficult can it be to knit a beanie? I am actually quite excited about it.

Oh, and my DH has suggested that we do a technology-free weekend at least once every 6 weeks or so. When he first suggested it to me some months ago, the idea of this simply filled me with panic and so much dread! I told him this weekend that I think that I may be ready for it now (am not giving up my oven or stove or washing machine for that weekend though – just TV, phones, internet and computer and radio because we can probably make our own music) and that we obviously need to plan it really well. We are also going to discuss this at our date this coming weekend.

So. Onwards and upwards. The slacker behaviour stops as of NOW!

Are you a winter/middle of the year slacker like me? What do you do to prevent getting to this point? And will you PLEASE have a look at Sally’s knitting challenge and maybe join in?


6 thoughts on “I have been a slacker

  1. I am not going to attempt to knit but I have asked y mom.

    I limit computer time – so I read only some blogs every day. Others I catch up once in a while. And most weekends are computer free ( you will notice that I seldom blog over weekends)

  2. I understand the 4.5 hours – it’s so easy! But agree 2 hours is more realistic.

    I should blog about this too but last night I checked email for 5 minutes before going to my talk and about 10 minutes after I got back and we watched the finale of the amazing race.

    It was heaven (hence no blog from me) and I finished my book!

    def no to the knitting challenge – I have a story about this (no surprise there !) but I do not knit. ever. ever. ever again after compulsory knitting in std 5!

  3. I have also cut down on my internet time. I decide to scrap then get stuck reading blogs and end up doing nothing!!! Now I read in google reader and only comment on the blogs of readers who actually read and comment on my blog. That is already a huge time saver:-)

  4. The internet is a beast that must be tamed. I am definitely spending less time on it and have disable fb from phone. See this post of mine http://fivetribe.blogspot.com/2011/06/steps-to-change.html

    The first step to change is recognising your need for it so GOOD FOR YOU! Maybe blog small changes you make each week – it will feel good and you will track your progress.

    Ito losing weight I can definitly recommend www,fitbloggers.ning.com – such an amazing community of women bloggers on a journey to a healthier lifetstyle – go check it out!

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