I am grateful for my Daddy

I haven’t been on my computer all weekend, hence this late gratitude post.

I am grateful for my Dad.

The first man in my life.

The man who still treats me like the princess that I am and who continues to remind me that I am not just any princess but THE PRINCESS.

The man who has set the benchmark in terms of what I expect from men.

The man who has ALWAYS insisted that I deserve the best in EVERYTHING.

The man who I without a doubt, consider my 3am friend.

The man who dotes on his grandsons and who was probably the most excited Grandpa in the world when I made him one just over 10 years ago!

The man who knows all about struggle and adversity and who stares it in the face and laughs at it. Literally.

The man who has overcome many, many things to get educated.

The man who is deeply spiritual and who is without a doubt the man of the house without losing sight of the fact that his wife (my mother) is his equal in every sense of the word.

The man who LOVES his wife and is very clear about that fact.

The man who I visit and call sometimes, even if I don’t need to. Just because.

The man whose integrity is unquestionable.

The man who will be honest with me no matter what. He has no issues telling me if I look fat in THAT pants!

The man who I loved first, before any other.

I am grateful for his example. I am grateful for the fact that he has never done ANYTHING to embarrass me, even as a teenager. And I am grateful that I still have him. I have no idea how I will live without him and quite frankly, I don’t even want to think about that.

Happy (belated) Fathers Day to my Darling Daddy. I love him so…

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